GPs seeking CCG funding team up to take ‘organised action’

A number of GPs are holding back from providing unfunded services to their patients, in hopes that Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCG) will grant them the funds needed to continue.

According to reports, GPs under Lincolnshire Local Medical Committee (LMC) are the first to take such ‘organised action’ under an LMC in a bid to receive additional funding.

Pulse Today reported that more than 100 affiliated GPs had issued letters to CCGs formally outlining their intentions.

“Our practices were feeling the pinch – so we arranged a meeting in February to find out what sort of industrial action they wanted to take,” said Dr Kieran Sharrock, medical director of Lincolnshire LMC.

“They decided that they would look to stop offering non funded extra services. They didn’t want to strike or sign a mass resignation letter because they didn’t want to take any action which could harm patient care,” he added.

According to letters sent to CCGs, such treatments GPs will hold back from providing include ECGs, 24 hour blood pressure monitoring and ear care services.

“They don’t want to withdraw services but they cannot do everything,” said Dr Sharrock.

“The ideal situation would be that the practices get commissioned to provide the services themselves because that would be better for patients,” he added.

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